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7 Must-Have Remote Control Toys For Dogs

With today's hectic lifestyles, we don't always have the opportunity to play with our dogs as often as we would like. So, a remote control pet toy can be a savior as well as a fun way to interact and bond with your four-legged pal. Browse through this article to learn about a variety of remote control toys for dogs and why they can be a perfect option for your furry friend.

Remote Control Toys For Dogs: Offer the Interaction and Exercise They Deserve

Just like us, every dog, regardless of size, age, or breed, needs regular exercise to stay healthy. The need for physical and mental activities is even more important if you have got an indoor-only dog. Also, it has been proven over time that a tired dog is better behaved, calmer, more focused, and more understanding.

However, if it has become difficult for you to ensure your doggo is getting enough physical activity due to your busy schedule, bringing in a remote control pet toy for them is a terrific idea. After all, physical and mental playtime offered by smart dog toys enriches their routine, strengthens your bond with them and keeps them engaged.

Hence, whether you notice your dog getting bored sitting inside all day or are looking for something to keep them busy so that they don't always snooze around on your lap, look for some highly engaging remote control toys for dogs and make your dog happy like never before.

7 Must-Have Remote Control Toys For Dogs

A remote control dog toy is a great way to let your canine friend experience the mental and physical stimulation they need to lead a healthy and happy life. However, searching for the best remote control toys for dogs is a daunting task, given the limited range of such interactive toys in the market.

After all, the market is swamped with basic dog plush toys, chew toys, squishy balls, etc. but you have to keep picking them up and tossing them around to capture your dog's attention again and again. The best part about smart dog toys is you can control them through a remote control, smartphone app or Bluetooth technology.

Hence, here are some of the must-have remote control dog toys that your doggo is sure to love.

1. Dog Fitness Robot

One of the first and most interactive dog toys on the list, a Dog Fitness Robot will keep your furry companion active and healthy. Usually featuring different play modes, this dog robot can be programmed around a customizable schedule via an app. It lets you track your dog when you are away and also play a fun hide and seek game with them.

Designed to automatically trigger multiple action modes via infrared sensing to interact with your furry pal and make it more active, this smart dog toy is also equipped with a full HD pet with 4x zoom and night vision. Moreover, the toy comes with 2-way audio technology so that you can comfort your dog with your voice when you are not around but they are anxious.

Furthermore, you can make this robotic toy leave treats to lure your curious pet or even maintain a snack routine remotely. Featuring a liberating battery life of eight hours with two connection modes, this is one of the best wifi dog toys that you can invest your precious money in to make your doggo happy like never before.

This robotic toy satisfies two of your dog's most basic needs: eating and exercising, both of which are met with a healthy dose of joy. What do you think about this walkie-talkie smart companion for your doggo?

2. Smart Dog Bone

Another one of the best wifi dog toys ever made, a smart dog bone is programmed to grab your dog’s attention without requiring any manual operation! Built-in with 12 different types of emotional driven systems, this smart dog bone can automatically adjust how it reacts based on your dog's activities such as chasing, teasing, avoiding, etc.

Furthermore, this bone is made of safe and durable FDA food-grade polycarbonate and is super easy to clean. It protects your dog's claws and teeth while chewing and is equipped with a 470 mAh lithium polymer battery that offers more than 2 hours of interactive playtime for your doggy.

Getting a smart bone for your dog will ensure the ultimate fun and stimulating exercise for your canine friend. You can operate it from your smartphone even when you are away from home, play with your dog and keep an eye on them at the same time.

3. CleverPet Hub

One of our most favorite toys ever, the CleverPet is a durable dog toy equipped with dozens of color-based high-tech puzzles to keep your furry companion's brain engaged. This smart plastic-shielded console is made with very simple programs that are intended to stimulate your canine friend’s brain and keep him happy.

Designed by a dynamic team of cognitive scientists, the games are easy in the beginning and get harder as your dog progresses. You can also control the toy and monitor your doggo's progress via a smartphone app. New games are released regularly and this one hub offers unlimited challenges to your doggo to prevent boredom.

The colorful touchpads will teach essential skills to your dog such as waiting for food, learning & identifying colors, following commands, etc. Touching the right touchpad also encourages exploration by adaptively providing surprise food.

4. Cheerble Wicked Dog Ball Toy

If you are looking for a remote control ball for dogs, we recommend going for the wicked dog ball. Designed to move or roll automatically once your dog touches it, this ball features three interactive modes (gentle mode, normal mode, active mode) and corresponding indicator lights to draw your dog's attention easily and keep him entertained throughout the day.

Made with an intelligent obstacle avoidance sensor, the ball can circumvent obstacles to avoid getting stuck or lost in the corner. Moreover, it is made of highly durable polycarbonate material and comes with a charging cord and a long-lasting battery.

5. Remote Control Car

Many dogs are fond of cars, so what’s better than getting a remote control car for them? Designed to maneuver in any direction in just seconds, a remote control car is equipped with LED lights to create endless fun for your four-legged companion. Moreover, it is made with non-toxic, durable ABS plastic with a unique rubber tire design made to withstand indoor and outdoor play in different terrains.

6. Automatic Ball Launcher Dog Toy

If you are particularly interested in buying a remote control ball for dogs, we recommend considering an automatic ball launcher dog toy. Designed especially for medium to large dogs to keep them busy while ensuring he gets all the mental and physical exercise that he needs, this automatic ball launcher comes with three standard-sized tennis balls.

Simply plug it in, select your launching distance, and insert the ball seeing your dog play independently under your supervision. Furthermore, the launcher operates almost silently and features a non-abrasive design that is gentler on teeth.

7. Smart Pet Camera with Interactive Laser

If you want to make a two in one investment, you can also consider a smart pet camera with an interactive laser. This toy helps you keep a close eye on your dog remotely with an integrated dog-safe laser while making him happy and entertained.

The toy is equipped with a 1080p camera with wide-angle viewing, night vision, 3x zoom and robust cloud storage. Furthermore, the toy features two-way audio technology so that you can maintain a connection with your pooch on the go.

The best part about this product is that your dog will be amused with the laser pointer when you are not around. You can connect the toy camera with your smartphone via the designated app and hit both objectives of entertaining your dog and ensuring their safety at the same time. You can play with your fur baby by controlling the built-in pet-safe laser movement via the app or set to auto-mode and exercise your doggo without any hassles.

Frequently Asked Questions About Purchasing a Remote Control Dog Toy

Here are our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about purchasing smart dog toys.

Are interactive toys good for dogs?

Interactive dog toys are different from typical dog toys as they provide a unique experience each time they are used. These toys are equipped with different speeds, colors, mechanisms, etc. to ensure your dog is happy and entertained while getting the exercise they need every day.

What is the best toy for your dog?

If you are looking for one of the best remote control pets’ toys, here are some of the toys you can consider:

  • Dog Fitness Robot – a robot that features different play modes to keep your furry companion active and healthy backed with a full HD camera and two-way audio technology
  • Smart Dog Bone – a bone-shaped smart toy programmed with 12 different types of emotionally driven systems to grab your dog’s attention without requiring any manual operation
  • CleverPet Hub – a durable gaming console equipped with dozens of color-based high-tech puzzles to keep your furry companion's brain engaged
  • Cheerble Wicked Dog Ball Toy – a smart ball designed to move or roll automatically once your dog touches it
  • Remote Control Car – just a regular car that is designed to exercise your dog by maneuvering in any direction in just seconds
  • Automatic Ball Launcher Dog Toy – a ball launcher equipped with three standard-sized tennis balls designed for medium to large-sized dogs who love balls
  • Smart Pet Camera with Interactive Laser – a two-in-one cube style camera with a laser that keeps an eye on your dog while keeping him entertained with app-controlled as well as automatic dog safe laser movements

Are puzzle toys good for dogs?

Puzzle toys make one of the best remote control pets’ toys because they pique your dog's interest, stimulate its mind, and help improve its problem-solving skills further boosting its confidence and keeping him occupied for hours.

The Bottom Line

When your dog is bored of the regular plush toys or a basic ball, it's important to consider some remote control toys for dogs to ensure they exercise enough while being entertained. Rather than running on hand power or any other method, these toys usually run through electric power and operate on long-lasting batteries.

And the best part is that they can be manually controlled through a remote of some kind or a smartphone app. Hence, these toys are very versatile and provide a unique experience to dogs by spicing up their playtime while ensuring they can get the exercise they require daily. Which of these smart dog toys are you most intrigued with? What else do you think makes a great remote control dog toy?

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