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Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

If your pooch is enthralled by high-pitched squeaky toys, you must be wondering why do dogs like squeaky toys and what fascinates them so much? Browse through this comprehensive article to learn about plenty of theories that explain why are dogs attracted to squeaky toys.

Wondering Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

To you, the constant "squeak, squeak, squeak" can be bothersome at times but your fur baby will go to great lengths to find the source of the squeak. What is it about that shrieking sound that they can't seem to get enough of?

Although not all dogs enjoy squeaky toys, the majority of them do, and those that do actually "love" them. So, whether you're searching for something to keep your dog busy and entertained for hours or something to ensure they get enough physical activity every day, a squeaky dog toy is sure to come in handy.

Furthermore, dogs playing with squeaky toys look really adorable. Don’t they? Most of all, the best thing about dogs and squeaky toys is that you can get them in a limitless variety of shapes, sizes, and textures. So, if you're stumped as to why do dogs love squeaky toys, this article will take you through a number of potential reasons.

Why Do Dogs Love Squeaky Toys?

Give your canine friend a squeaking tennis ball with a grunting sound and he'll happily spend spare energy by gnawing and thrashing it around for hours. The sound, texture, stimulation and chewiness all combine to offer him a fun experience that also helps keep your dog both physically and mentally occupied.

So, if you are wondering why do dogs like squeaky toys, here are some possible reasons for the same:

1. It’s Their Genes Speaking (Not Literally Though) – Let’s Call It “Animal Instinct”

One of the main reasons why are dogs attracted to squeaky toys is that they are descended from wolves and both share a remarkably similar DNA structure. Hence, both exhibit comparable behavioral characteristics, and the high-pitched noise made by a squeaky dog toy is likely to remind your dog of injured or terrified prey.

Since the instincts of their wild ancestors are still alive in them, it wouldn't be inaccurate to compare the high-pitched noises created by a squeaky toy to those made by a wounded, startled, or injured prey animal. It satisfies their prey drive, and they appreciate the quick thrill that comes from nibbling on that squeaker over and over again.

2. They Get Instant Gratification & Reward

Another possible reason why do dogs like squeaky toys is that a squeaky toy takes your pooch's playtime to a whole new level. This is because the sounds made by a squeaky toy give your dog an instant gratification that their bite is strong and effective, further keeping them engaged and satisfied with their progress.

3. It Helps Soothe Teething Pain

If you have had many dogs in life, you would have mostly seen puppies and young dogs playing with squeaky toys. Teething is characterised by intense discomfort and fussiness, and the majority of teething baby and puppy soothing strategies concentrate on one simple action: chewing. So, when your dog starts teething, chewing on squeaky toys can help ease his inflamed gums.

4. Their Dental Health Is Maintained

Furthermore, dogs are natural chewers and have a high urge to chew on a squeaky toy. So, dogs and squeaky toys quickly become best friends as these toys massage the gums and scrape the teeth, making their mouths feel better. Moreover, chewing on a squeaky toy aids your doggo's teeth and gum health while also reducing plaque development.

5. Your Doggo Remains Busy For Long

Playing with a squeaky toy can assist your dog's mental health by keeping them active and relieving their stress and boredom, especially when you're not at home. Furthermore, squeaky toys can keep your dog physically active even while they are indoors.

Dog Obsessed With Squeaky Toy: Why Do Dogs Chew the Squeaker Out of Toys?

Generally, dogs may become fascinated with gnawing, biting and ripping their favorite squeaky toy so that they can decipher the squeaking mechanism and figure out what's inside these noisemakers. Moreover, because dogs use squeaky toys to satisfy their prey drive, getting to the end of the squeaking source signals them that they have successfully killed their prey and can now cease the attack.

Potential Dangers Of Squeaky Toys You Need To Know

With a squeaker or two inside, squeaky toys can be a lot of fun for your dog to play with. However, some squeaky toys are made using stuffing that only makes a mess when your pup pulls, tugs and chews it away but are also hazardous for your dog to swallow or choke on.

Those little squeakers, unfortunately, can be easily ingested and can become trapped in your dog's stomach and intestines, necessitating emergency surgery. Moreover, you should never let your dog chew on squeaky toys with abrasive fabric on the outside as they can quickly wear down your pal's teeth.

So, you must always purchase solid rubber or stuffing-free squeaky toys that keep your pal busy for hours without any safety risks.

Supervise When Your Dog Plays With Squeaky Toys

Moreover, it is important to supervise when your pooch plays with squeaky toys because if they are obsessed with chewing their favorite toy, they will rip it apart until they can dominate the source of the squeak. Here are some important precautions you must take when giving your dog a squeaker-filled toy:

1. Inspect the Toys Regularly

If your dog frequently plays with a particular toy, it is more likely to become damaged regardless of what the claims are. As a result, it is important to inspect the toy on a regular basis to ensure that the squeaker (and any stuffing inside) does not choke your dog's throat or pose any kind of danger at all.

2. Repair the Damaged Toys

If the toy is pretty expensive, is not too damaged to be thrown or is your fur baby's favorite one, repair it by refilling the stuffing and stitching up the ripped seams.

3. Throw the Worn-Off Toys

To avoid any dangers, remove any toy that has been fully damaged.

Always Keep An Eye On Your Avid Chewer!

Not just to prevent them from choking hazards but also to stop them from becoming aggressive! If your dog is vigorously chewing on their favourite squeaky toy and has a history of ripping their toys apart, always supervise them and try to engage them with other toys, preferably remote control toys.

Avid chewers who can quickly tear squeaky toys are at risk of swallowing either the stuffing or the squeaker. Furthermore, their chewing behavior becomes increasingly destructive over time, and as a result, they can chew on a wide range of household things.

Why Is My Dog Scared Of Squeaky Toys?

If you are wondering “why is my dog scared of squeaky toys?”, don’t worry! Some dogs have a weaker prey drive or a lack of willingness to play with such types of toys as they may be scared by the loud noise.

According to veterinarians, although it’s not a huge concern from an entertainment point of view if your dog doesn’t enjoy playing with squeaker toys, the lack of interest could indicate underlying mental or physical issues.

Squeaker toys are available in high-pitch as well as low-pitch versions. High-pitched, snappy noise is generally more stimulating whereas lower-pitched, longer noise is more relaxing. So, if your doggo finds a squeaker toy frightening, you might initially introduce them to a toy with a softer squeak.

If the gradual introduction to squeaky toys also doesn't work for your fur baby, try crinkly toys, balls, or tugging toys instead. After all, squeaky toys aren't all dogs' favorite and that's completely okay! A dog fearful of a squeaky toy is no less a dog than a dog obsessed with a squeaky toy.

How To Use Squeaky Toys For Training?

Apart from satisfaction in dogs, squeaky toys can also be used to train them by attracting their attention and rewarding excellent behavior. Dogs really care about praise and toys; so, squeaky toys can be a subtle way to reinforce your pooch's behavior. The sound of the squeaker can also redirect your dog's attention away from something they shouldn't be doing.

Furthermore, you can utilize a squeaker toy to reinforce your dog to listen to your commands by squeaking it, grabbing his attention and instantly rewarding them by tossing it for them to catch. You may also take wonderful shots of your canine friend in a stable position by using a squeaky toy as it is really effective in capturing their attention.

How To Choose Safe Squeaky Toys?

You should select a dog toy according to your dog's age, size, activity level, and preferred mode of play, not on the popularity or cuteness of the toy. Some dogs prefer squeaky or soft toys while others enjoy chasing a stick. So, toys should be chosen depending on your dog's personality as well as the health benefits they provide.

  • Toy play should be introduced when your dog is young as such dogs are inherently more playful than older dogs.
  • Puppy toys, younger dogs, and even less confident older dogs enjoy playing with squeaky toys.
  • Soft plush toys or even toys with genuine fur are also popular choices amongst these dogs.
  • Some pups also like rubbery chew toys while teething.
  • Moreover, some extra energetic dogs simply need something totally new and unusual to play with - you can choose from a variety of remote control toys for them. 
  • Adult dogs may require more durable toys, such as thick ropes or firmer rubber balls.
  • Senior dogs, on the other hand, like softer toys that are easier and super comfortable to hold and tug.

The toys that your dog prefers can change over time. As a dog parent, it's your responsibility to understand their favorite toys as per their age and liking. When purchasing dog toys for your pet, make sure they are large enough to chew and not too small to be ingested. Moreover, squeaker toys made of thinner vinyl or plastic are also easier to clean and endure longer than plush toys.

Some Squeaky Toys for Your Dogs

Although vintage squeak toys were mainly composed of rubber, these days, the market is overwhelmed with dozens of squeaky toys. So, if you are intimidated after looking at the available options and are looking for the best squeaky toy for your doggo, here are some of the best purchases you can make:

1. Squeaky Chewing Balls With Spikes

These balls are probably the most popular types of squeaky balls you’ll find in the market. Particularly made for dogs that love soft and plush balls, these balls feature the perfect size and hardness to squeeze or bite.

Furthermore, these balls have one squeaker inside that creates a loud sound keeping your doggo busy for hours. Its soft texture with high toughness also serves as a teeth clean ball for your fur baby. Made from food-grade TPR materials, these squeaky balls with spikes also bounce high when they hit the ground.

Image Credits: Amazon

2. Rubber Ultra Squeaker Ball

Completely different from the spiky squeaky balls shown above, rubber squeaker balls are meant for aggressive chewers but are not too harsh on their gums and teeth. Featuring a high pitched squeaker inside, this ball also makes a great toy if you want your pooch to accompany you in the swimming pool. This ball has a high bounce and comes in a variety of sizes and colors to choose from.

Image Credits: Amazon

3. Squeaky Latex Dog Toys

Featuring a soft non-toxic latex body with cute animal faces, these kinds of squeaky toys are perfect for dogs who are proven squeaky toy destroyers. More durable and soft, these interactive squeaky toys feature no stuffing, are pleasant to touch and easy to clean. These toys have a small squeaker inside that makes a high sound upon squeezing but is difficult to rip apart.

Image Credits: Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions About Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys

Here are our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to purchasing squeaky toys for dogs.

Why do they put squeakers in dog toys?

If you are wondering “why do they put squeakers in dog toys?”, one of the main reasons for this is that the squeaking sound created by such toys resembles the alarm sounds made by natural prey. Because dogs have hunting instincts, they enjoy destroying their squeaky toys to feel their dominance over their prey. Furthermore, dogs enjoy the sound of squeaks since it is stimulating and attracts their attention.

Why do squeaky toys make dogs cry?

Since squeaky toys mimic terrified and injured prey for dogs, dogs whine or cry as a response to their victory over them. Your dog may also be frustrated since they can't seem to find the source of the squeak, and therefore their hunt never seems to end.

Are squeaking toys good for dogs?

Yes. Squeaky toys have many benefits for dogs, some of which are mentioned below:

  • The squeaking sound made by these toys seems like real prey to dogs. So, they get the thrill of the chase and stay busy for hours.
  • Furthermore, the assumption of hunting for their prey is mentally stimulating for dogs.
  • The sounds made by a squeaky toy provide immediate feedback to your dog that their bite is strong and effective, making them happy with their progress.
  • Dogs also get high confidence when they play with squeaky toys which further helps in discouraging destructive behavior.
  • Squeaky toys are also very beneficial in positive reinforcement training.
  • They can quickly grab your dog’s attention.
  • Chewing for hours also promotes dental health in dogs.

Do dogs think squeaky toys are alive?

Yes, kind of. Though our canine companions may laze around all day on the couch nowadays, they are descendants of wolves and squeaky toys appeal to their natural hunting instincts. A squeaky toy imitates the process of chasing and capturing their prey. The squeak sounds similar to that of terrified or injured prey, which activates your dog's ferocious side. So, dogs chew their squeaky toys until they have “effectively killed their prey."

The Bottom Line

If your dog's toy basket is like most dogs out there, it's stuffed full of squeaky toys, including all those popular balls and animals. Moreover, seeing your furry friend go crazy over their squeaky toy is one of the best joys of being a dog parent. We hope now you can understand why do dogs like squeaky toys and are ready to make safe purchases for your canine friend.

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