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Get to Know Us

Get to Know Us


Who are we ?

TailZzz is a daughter brand of the D.O.M. Family – a proud USA-born company, committed to transforming the lives of parents & children with award-winning, high-quality and safe products for over 30 years. As the D.O.M. Family expands to include a new tribe of parents and little (furry) ones onboard, we’re excited to continue the legacy of delivering exceptional products and experiences to you.

DOM Family

What do we offer you?

Born out of the love for all things furbabies, TailZzz understands that today, a pet parent is more than just a pet’s ‘hooman’... they’re an animal’s PAWrent, who wants nothing less than the best for their fur babies.

Keeping this emotion and need in mind, TailZzz creates carefully designed, high-quality and safe products for furbabies and parents, everywhere!

Our promise to you and your furbabies.

Tests for over 10,000 chemicals
Responsibility & Commitment

We understand the need of pet parents to provide the best for their four-legged family. It is our relentless effort to provide products that keep the best interest of all pets/animals in mind.

Tests for more than 360 VOCs
Quality & Safety

Babies or pets/animals, safety is our priority. We’re committed to stringent research, testing & certifications to bring pet parents only the very best for their pets.

Tests for harmful pollutants
Innovation & Learning

As a company, we ensure to bring the latest to the industry. Our constant observation & commitment to innovation ensures that we bring proven, top-of-the-line & thoughtful products to you.

Tests for harmful pollutants
Integrity & Diversity

At TailZzz, we don’t see color, race or breed. We are transparent, honest, caring and human in our approach to product creation… and to you.

Committed to the environment – indoors & outdoors.


The TailZzz Wooden Pet Beds are the only Pet Beds to be Greenguard Gold Certified, ensuring a healthy environment for you and your pet!

DOM Family
Dream On Me
Sweetpea Baby
Hannah & Sophia
Slumber Baby